One of the dangers of research is you get too close to your topic. When I was in the early stages of writing about Jazz 625, I was spending a lot of time at the BBC Written Archive, sifting through memos, production documents, camera scripts etc. Around this time, BBC2 was celebrating 50 years of broadcasting, which prompted a new documentary called Jazz 625 at the BBC (tx. BBC4, 23 May, 8pm).


I ended up framing my chapter on Jazz 625 with reflections on how the programme has survived and been distorted through its use in documentaries and archival programming such as clip shows. I was helped along with these thoughts a great deal by recording a podcast with two friends and colleagues: Professor Tim Wall, an expert on jazz and radio, and Dr Richard Wallace, who comes at the material from an interest in pop music television. This is from May 2014 – we should really do another one of these!

You can listen to our discussion here.